Counter Studio

Bibendum Oyster Bar



Brand identity
Menu design

Having completed the rebrand for Bibendum and its Chef Patron, Claude Bosi, we were asked to extend the identity for the newly refurbished Oyster Bar on the ground floor of Michelin House. 

With a more casual feel than the restaurant upstairs, the Oyster Bar needed to be in keeping with Bibendum brand, but stretch to suit a more relaxed bistro-style dining experience. Taking a simple masterbrand approach, we developed a bold sans serif descriptor to sit alongside the original logo, and built a delicate graphic world around it. 

Surrounded by ornamental metal fretwork and ornate ceramic tiles, the Oyster Bar is a feast for the eyes, and is impossible to ignore. So, inspired by the beautiful building, we created a complementary lace-like illustration style as the basis for the identity system. This simple, elegant framework was applied to menus for every time of the day, each with its own bespoke design, reflecting the decoration of the space. The illustration style was expanded into a custom colouring book for impatient children, as well as a special symbol for the slim oyster order slip.

Beyond the building, we looked to the French Michelin guides from the early 20th century for typographic cues. Robust continental sans serifs are contrasted with sophisticated serifs, forming charming catchwords and bistro-influenced titles on menus, order slips and posters. 

The refined expansion of the Bibendum identity has aligned the Oyster Bar with the Michelin-starred restaurant upstairs, creating a unified brand for two distinct offers. All served with a charming French twist.