Counter Studio

Condiment Junkie



Brand identity

Condiment Junkie is a multisensory agency that works with all five senses, blending together solid scientific thinking with inspiring creative experiences. The work they do balances the quantifiable with the unquantifiable, rational facts with shivers down the spine… It’s a difficult balance to strike, and their previous identity was struggling to fully express what they do. 

Working closely with the Condiment Junkie team we shaped a new way of expressing their offer, using a sensory approach that matched the work. Balancing science and emotion, we created an identity that was built around sensory language – introducing the idea of synaethesia (where one sense stimulates another) and onomatopoeia to bring a playful touch to the smart thinking. 

An expressive typeface, intriguing images and tactile textures bring the language to life stretching from bold to subtle, fun to serious.  A sharp and sophisticated logo and a tonal colour palette act as an anchor for the new identity.