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FS Koopman

Meet FS Koopman, the hard-working type, from Fontsmith.


FS Koopman

Launch campaign

Meet FS Koopman, the hard-working type

FS Koopman is a real mixture of a typeface and it’s influences are well-travelled – ranging from 1960s American gothics, to Swiss-German grotesks, via the more quirky British groteqsue. And with three different type designers involved in it’s creation, each with their own unique take on the design, defining this new font exactly quickly became a challenge. 

Fontsmith asked us to create a name and digital launch campaign that captured the eclectic spirit of the typeface and get it noticed. 

For the name we wanted something with a nod to the typeface’s well-travelled influences and hard-working nature, the Dutch occupational name for a merchant, Koopman, was the perfect fit. 

Then, with tongues firmly in cheek, we based the campaign around playful take on the type-jargon all too often thrown around in the industry, using it to define (or rather not define) the characteristics of FS Koopman. The challenge actually became making sure the jargon was jargon-y enough to be understood as a joke – something that was surprisingly difficult. 

Like the typeface, the designs we created were influenced by the classic 1960s American and Swiss-German styles of graphic design. Rolled out across social media, web, email and blogs,  the campaign summed up exactly what FS Koopman is all about… Mostly.

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