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FS Siena

FS Siena from Fontsmith is ‘The Luxurious Type’, and so it needed an equally luxurious printed specimen that would do the letters justice.


FS Siena Type Specimen

Editorial design
Launch campaign

FS Siena was begun some 25 years ago when Fontsmith founder Jason Smith sketched the first letters onto tracing paper at college. Fast forward some years, and we were asked to create the type specimen and launch campaign for the new typeface.

With it’s origins stretching back to Roman times, FS Siena is a classical contrasted sans serif that has been brought up to date, and is full of elegance and sophistication. Appropriately titled ‘The Luxurious Type’, we set about crafting an equally luxurious printed specimen that would do the letters justice. Taking inspiration from the world of high-end brands, the sumptuous 48-page brochure captures FS Siena in it’s best light, hinting at ways in which it could be used; from perfume to property, beauty to boutique retailers, fashion to fine watches, to name but a few.

Not satisfied with looking to future uses, we showcased the font’s heritage, by highlighting the development of FS Siena from pencil to pixel on tracing paper interleaved throughout the specimen.

Printed in black with a shimmering spot varnish on three different paper stocks, with both black and white foils on the cover, and wrapped by hand in signature tissue paper using our bespoke ‘FS Siena’ typographic pattern, the FS Siena specimen really is a thing of luxury.

As well as the specimen, we also created the wider launch campaign, including; content and photography for online advertising, email marketing, as well as a kit for press and social media.  

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