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Storytelling Serifs

A specimen for a trio of serifs for storytelling, from Fontsmith.



Printed specimen
Launch campaign

Fontsmith are well known for creating brilliant personality driven typefaces, but their library has always been a little light on serifs. Until now. Having crafted not one, not two, but three beautiful new serif typefaces, we were asked to create a combined launch campaign for all three fonts across digital, social and, finally, a printed specimen. 

Although the trio are distinctly different from each other, the one thing they all have in common is that they are perfect for storytelling. So we designed the campaign focused around those who tell stories – from books to newspapers and magazines, to online editorial platforms and brands. 

The design and content were inspired by the world the serifs could live in, as well as the things the typefaces were influenced by. FS Ostro, the cosmopolitan, Modern-style typeface expressed itself through facts and fiction, plays and poetry; FS Kim, the striking showstopper came to life through all things stylish; FS Neruda, the smart, inquisitive type with its roots in newspapers, showcased tongue-in-cheek headlines alongside playful asides. 

Over three weeks, each font family had its own initial launch online across social media, email and the Fontsmith website. The campaign culminated in a printed specimen that combined all three serifs in a newspaper-style supplement. The format allowed the trio of typefaces to feel unified, but allowed each of them to have their own individual chapter. The result is a beautifully curated collection of typography.