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Book design for Tiro, the first publication from Rattis Books.



Book design

Tiro is the first publication from Rattis Books. A powerful social and cultural history of football, it captures stories that stretch across South America and Europe, touching on both the brutal – with tales of football in conflict zones – and the inspiring – telling of a love of the beautiful game worldwide.

With such powerful content, the design of the book needed to balance the passion and the sensitivity of the subject.

Coming from the Spanish for shot, the title of the book ‘Tiro’ gave us a chance to do just that. The cover uses letterpress printed Os to conjuror up shots at a goal, players on the pitch from above, gunshots in wartime, social movements…  

Inside, a subtle football theme runs throughout the book, using simple graphic language, the design alludes to the beautiful game. Expressive typographic divider pages split up the three sections, each a bespoke piece of letterpress artwork that reflect the title of each section. A classical approach to typography combines with the more playful elements to create a clean and contemporary layout, which gives the book the gravitas the subject matter deserves.

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