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TypeNotes No.1

A love letter to letterforms, TypeNotes magazine from Fontsmith is a celebration of the best of typography and graphic design from around the world.


TypeNotes No.1

Editorial design
Art direction

Launch campaign

A love letter to letterforms, TypeNotes is a brand new magazine celebrating the best of typography and graphic design from around the world. Launched by boutique type foundry Fontsmith, the first issue of TypeNotes features contributions from industry stalwarts Lance Wyman and Why Not associates, as well as newer agencies like Christopher Doyle & Co, Office of Craig Oldham and Nomad – the magazine covers everything from the nuances of drawing type to advertising, to inspiration in the form of cassette cover artwork, record sleeves, the mad men of Madison Avenue and the icons of icon design… 

Being asked to design something primarily aimed at designers is always tough as they’re a notoriously difficult audience to please. And with so many great typefaces at our disposal, it would’ve been easy to get carried away, include too much and almost over-design it.

Instead we wanted to keep the design simple, refined and let the articles, imagery and type take centre stage, while also allowing the magazine to find its own voice and distinct personality – something smart but which doesn't take itself too seriously. 

Ultimately the aim was to create something that was enjoyable to both hold and read.


Emily Gosling


Printed in a limited edition of 3,000 the first issue of TypeNotes sold out within two months and gained an international following.