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TypeNotes No.2

A love letter to letterforms, TypeNotes magazine from Fontsmith is a celebration of the best of typography and graphic design from around the world.


TypeNotes No.2

Editorial design
Art direction

Launch campaign

Following the success of issue one (it sold out within two months of launch), Fontsmith asked us back to design issue two of their magazine, TypeNotes.

This issue is once again full of great articles, including a look at the saucy posters of x-rated movies from the 1960s and 70s; interviews with tattoo artists about the intricacies of lettering onto skin, and why some will never, ever ink a partner’s name; how the humble typewriter had a huge impact on the way type designers approached their craft in the wake of new technologies; and everything from Milton Glaser to designing title plates (and why we shouldn’t be saying “mastheads”).

The design follows on from where issue one left off: a strong, consistent structure with a simple typographic approach, but with the flexibility to give articles their own personality. 

TypeNotes issue two is out now, grab a copy while you can from the Fontsmith shop


Emily Gosling