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Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

About us

We make design work —
We work closely with ambitious clients, big and small, who care about great design as much as we do. Design that really works. We deliver smart strategic thinking, beautifully crafted and intelligently brought to life across everything from brand identity to editorial design, art direction to communications.

The big and the small of it
We're small, by design. It means we're more agile, more collaborative, and more able to be hands-on and on-hand when you need us. And it also means less obstacles in the way for you – the people you meet are the people who do the work (and answer the phones, do the washing up, and pay the bills).

But our background and network are much bigger. Over the past 15 years, we've helped define and shape some of the biggest brands in the UK and globally. Working with some of the biggest design agencies in London. We know the ins and outs, the good and the bad, what works and what doesn't… And we now know that working more closely with our clients and our talented network of collaborators creates the best work, without breaking the bank.

Good is in the detail — 
Great design needs more than just a spark of inspiration, it requires understanding, uncovering the details and getting under the skin of things. Purposeful, effective and relevant design requires pragmatic creativity.

Design studios don't often sell themselves on such plain and, well, pragmatic words as *pragmatic* – perhaps it’s seen to be too safe, too uncreative? But what’s the use of design that doesn't work for you, that doesn't engage with your customers and make their lives easier? If it’s simply too difficult or expensive to implement successfully, is it actually creative at all?

Design that works for you —
And because each client is unique, so is our approach. It’s your project not ours, and the end result is for you not for our portfolio or award shelf. We make design work for you and your brand.

If it sounds like working with us it could work for you, get in touch and we can talk more. Drop us an email at


Old Meet New —
Beyond our brand work, we have a more analogue side of things. The Counter Press is a letterpress workshop where we combine modern thinking with traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by a love of words, everything we create at the press is designed and printed at a wonderfully sedate pace, by hand, using wood and metal type and antique printing presses. 

We’re always interested to collaborate with writers and brands on those things that need a little hand-crafted warmth. And we also offer letterpress introduction workshops to creative agencies who want to get away from their desks.  

The Counter Press



Past and present clients —

AIB Bank
BBC Worldwide
British Airways
Condiment Junkie
CrossCountry Trains
Office for National Statistics
Paddy Power
P&O Cruises
P&O Ferries
Smith & Nephew
Together Money

People we work with —

Words —
Emily Gosling
Edward Prichard

Strategy —
Way Better
Dylan Stuart

Digital —

In the press —

Creative Boom
Creative Review
Design Week
It’s Nice That
People of Print
Under Consideration